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lies within the listener -

a cuckoo’s call'

Fukada Chiyo-ni


The cuckoo's song, when heard alone, is mournful. It seems to fill the empty forest spaces with an awareness of that emptiness. It is a calling out for connection, but it is only answered by its own echo. Listening, we feel lonely.

But that feeling of loneliness, alternately delicious and heartbreaking, what is it?

Is it 'out there' somewhere? Is it a vacuum in the world around us? Is it something

in the song itself? Were we lonely before we heard the song? Did the song make us lonely, or did it reveal something about ourselves? Is it natural, as the cuckoo's call is natural? Is it the result of circumstance or a choice?

Who or what are we lonely for? A special someone not yet met or long lost? Days gone by? A place in the world?

Some part of ourself yet unknown? God? Is loneliness the existential state of being or is it a passing mood? Is what we call loneliness an aspect of who we are that we have yet to accept? Is loneliness truly lonely, or

is it filled with life and connection?

Is loneliness even a real thing?

Work in progress

These questions inspire me to capture my rapidly changing world with my pinhole camera. The blur expresses my fading memories: melancholy, days gone by. However, my curiosity about all changes fortunately overcomes this bittersweet feeling.I discover a new world.