Deze website met mijn autonome werk is voor buitenlandse relaties in het Engels opgesteld. Bel +31 (0)35 6913753 | eneg@120m2.nl



I'm floating

among the clouds

My soul dissolves

The child in me





Welcome on my website.

My name is En Eg and I'm an autonomous photographer based in the Netherlands.

I try to capture this dissolving feeling in my photographic images.

The goal that man is happy is not included in the plan of creation. But a happy life actually exists. I have come to terms with myself by starting to take pictures.

It appeals so much to my patience and concentration that 'the child in me awakens'. I belong to myself again. Much of the regained joy is in my work: tinkering, creating my own world .... The images are often diffuse in nature because how graspable is happiness? 

Happiness can not always be held, but again and again I'm looking for it. With the help of my daimons I know the answer lies within me.

Feel free to look around, call or mail me if you want to buy my work, follow a lesson in creative mobile photography or want advice.