Tilia grandiflora, only for sale as part of a collage 'Tree Planting Day'  Unique copy


'Light-hearted I'm floating among the clouds.

My soul dissolves, the child in me awakens'.

Welcome, my name is En Eg and I'm an autonomous artist. I try to capture this dissolving feeling in photographic images, mixed media & assemblages.

The goal that man is happy is not included in the plan of creation. But a happy life actually exists.

With the help of my daimons like Ischa, Hans & Ellen and a lot of other people I know the answer lies within me. Anyway I realize that my beloved ones are part of it. Happiness is so much more than me.

Hat losing her flowers, Part of expo Art Laren 2024
Standing Tight, Part of expo Art Laren 2024
Pleasure Garden, Part of expo Art Laren 2024
Shy poppy, Part of expo Art Laren 2024
Tendency towards purple, Part of expo Art Laren 2024

Walking allows us to slow down as human beings. It's an activity that connects us with our surroundings and helps us appreciate the little things in life.

120m2 organize walks
that combine the pleasure of walking with the beauty of making art with your phone. You can indulge your passion for art and the therapeutic benefits of walking.

Join us and experience the joy of slowing down, one step at a time.